Integrity, honesty, trust, accountability and passion are the key values for daily LMC business.

We see it as our duty to develop our personal abilities to the highest limit.

Our employees are our most important strength. We consider the training and personal development of our employees as a part of our company culture.

We see quality as a way of life and an indispensable element. We aim at the highest quality level in every product we produce. Our customers are at the focal point of our understanding of quality.

We are open to development and change.

As an organization that respects society and the environment, we take care to touch every aspect of social life.

We believe that it is our responsibility to work with all our strength in line with the goals and objectives of our organization. We consider complying with the rules of our work area as a requirement of respect for each other.

We aim to create a common value for our country and society in everything we do.

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